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America's Travel Policies Discourage Millions of Visitors

International travel to the United States generates $165.5 billion in revenue and supports 1.1 million American jobs, making travel the nation’s top service export. Despite a booming global travel market, however, the U.S. market share has seriously lagged because of chronic inefficiencies in our visa and entry process.

The Discover America Partnership (DAP) is a diverse coalition of industries and associations whose work depends on safe and efficient inbound international travel. The core missions of DAP members vary from petroleum engineering to river cruises, from entomology to martial arts and consumer electronics. The common thread is the need for overseas colleagues and customers to be able to reliably visit the U.S. for professional conferences, trade shows, business negotiations as well as for tourism.

Too often, delay and confusion in our entry process discourage legitimate visitors–and the revenue and jobs their spending generates. The DAP seeks to solve these problems, without in any way undermining security.


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California Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit organization committed to helping California businesses survive and thrive while complying with complex laws and regulations. Their more than 13,000 members are a diverse group, ranging from companies such as Microsoft and the Walt Disney Corporation to local companies with only a handful of employees.


Visa Waiver


The Visa Waiver Program (VWP) is one of the most important national security and public diplomacy tools available to the US. It's also an economic dynamo, generating American jobs - as shown by the significant impact of South Korea's inclusion within the VWP.

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DAP Monthy


The Discover America Partnership has a broad Washington, D.C. agenda aimed at enhancing the safety and efficiency of the United States visa and entry process. Here's an overview of where things stand now.

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